Cinder block construction

Residential & Commercial Cinder Block Construction

Residential and Commercial Building

In the Lubbock area, cinder block walls can be found all over the city. If you are looking for a qualified local masonry contractor to install and/or repair cinder block or concrete walls, contact Masonry Lubbock as our experienced concrete block masons have unmatched experience and knowledge to provide this service. Considering affordability and quality, choosing our company is the first step in the right direction.

Residential Services

One of our most popular services we offer is the installation of cinder block walls and retaining walls for residential homes in the Lubbock area. Whether you are building a garage, cinderblock storage building, shed, porch, or other outbuilding on your property, contact our expert cinder block masons for the best local masonry company. We strive to be the most affordable and professional concrete wall contractor in the Lubbock area.

Commercial Services

Depending on the size of the commercial property and construction requirements, cinder blocks are probably your best choice for wall installation material. When you turn to the best masonry contractors in Lubbock, we are at the top and you can count on our professional service. We have the necessary experience and skills to provide you with a great result that will last for decades. We use the highest quality products in our services, and our experienced cinder block foundation specialists can provide affordable and professional services within your construction budget. When you need a company that can provide you with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing masonry building, you can count on Masonry Lubbock cinder block masonry services.


If you are planning to build a new property, give us a call! We would love to be your cinder block construction company and have you join the ranks of Lubbock customers who trust us for quality results. We are committed to providing cinder block installation in a way that works with other contractors serving your building needs, and strive to provide the most affordable cinder block installation in town. If you're looking for masonry done right, it's time to call the best masonry contractors in Lubbock.

Cinder Block Repair

Cinder block construction offers you high reliability and strength; however, it's always possible that you will need cinder block repair. Whether it's a concrete block in need of repair or the mortar that holds the blocks together, you can get the quality service and experience you need by contacting local masonry professionals.

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Cinder Block Repair
Cinder Block Repair
white wooden house near green tree during daytime
white wooden house near green tree during daytime

Cinder Block Wall Replacement

Cinder block wall replacement is a relatively simple process if you have the knowledge, time and skills. However, if you don't want to spend your days tearing down, cleaning and rebuilding your cinder block, Masonry Lubbock can help.

If you do decide to go the route of a DIY cinder block wall, below are some tips to make sure the wall is built correctly. Drill holes into the existing blocks with a masonry drill bit, making four to five columns of holes of three holes spaced evenly into the wall around the area to be repaired. These holes make it easy to demo the wall. Then use a sledge hammer to knock this section of the wall. Next, use a chisel to scrape away the remaining mortar from the surrounding cinder blocks. Clean the area and remove the debris so you have a clean work area and a good surface to apply the new grout to. Mix and prepare the mortar. Spread this new mortar with a trowel on the base where the new cinder blocks will be placed. The thickness should be approximately the same as the existing mortar. Apply mortar to the sides of the new block where it meets the other blocks. Always try to match the thickness of the existing mortar. Carefully place the new cinder block into the wall. Wipe off excess mortar and smooth for a clean finish. Repeat these steps until the wall is complete. Let the mortar dry completely before doing anything else to the wall. The type of mortar determines the drying time.

Removing Mortar from Cinder Block Walls

Mortar is the material used to join bricks, blocks and other similar building materials together to form a strong wall or structure. Mortar is a mixture of cement, sand, hydrated lime and water that forms a strong cement-like mixture that can be used in a variety of construction applications. That is why people sometimes call these walls concrete block walls or cement walls. When replacing a masonry wall, the dried mortar has solidified onto the bricks or blocks and must be removed. There are several ways to do this. If you do this alone, we recommend avoiding strong chemicals. The most effective way to remove mortar is to use old-fashioned tools - a chisel and a hammer. Chisel the mortar by tapping it lightly with a hammer. After the end of the chisel is pressed into the mortar, tap it with a hammer. This should be done until the mortar is removed from each brick or block, including the sides and back, so that new mortar can be placed around the brick or block and create a strong finish. After that, brush and prepare a new mortar.

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