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Stone is unsurpassed in its strength and beauty, making it one of the best choices for many applications in the Lubbock construction industry. Whether you're looking for interior or exterior work, a beautiful stone wall, outdoor stone fireplace, stone fireplace, or a new retaining wall, work with the professional masons at Masonry Lubbock to get results. Our professional masons offer a variety of looks and styles to make your home stand out!

Stone Installation

Our professional skills and knowledge in the field of stone masonry sets our professionals apart from others. If you are looking for local masons or professional masons in Lubbock who can provide a wide range of stone masonry services, it makes sense to contact our professionals because we have unparalleled knowledge and experience working with stone, brick and CMUs. We are committed to delivering excellent results, and if you are concerned about the cost of a project, we can work with you to find solutions within your budget.


Hiring the right local masonry company will ensure a great stone installation, but we also offer stone restoration services. If your property already has masonry and you are looking for a stone restoration service, we have the ability to renew the aesthetics and practical benefits of your masonry. We offer you the most experienced and competent restoration services in the region.

Stone masonry repair

In addition to the restoration services we offer, our experts also offer a repair service that can restore the appearance of your stone masonry and maintain the strength and reliability of your stone structure. We offer a wide range of masonry services from new stone installations to stone repair and restoration services to keep your property looking its best. You can trust us to provide masonry done right!

Interior Stonework

Our professionals can not only provide exterior services for your property, but we also offer a variety of interior stonework solutions that can bring a new level of aesthetics and strength to the interior of your home or business. Whether you want to install a stone arch, create a stunning fireplace, feature wall, or any other stone structure, you can call our professionals to design the perfect element and install it affordably and quickly. No task is too big or too small for our experts.

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What is bond stone and other stone masonry information

gray and black stone wall
gray and black stone wall

When a wall or other structure is built of stone, a number of bond stones are attached to hold the structure together. A bond stone is sometimes called a “tie stone” or a “through stone”. It extends across the entire width of the wall - from the outside of the wall to the inside of the wall. Stone walls are usually built in two layers, with bond stone running through those layers to hold them together so they don't crack or split in the middle. The intermediate spaces are usually filled with crushed stone, and the connecting stones are evenly spread over the entire surface of the wall, so that the whole wall is a solid object. Bond stones are often used with stone masonry.

Rubble masonry uses rough stones that are not hammered. The thickness of the joints is often irregular, which makes the stonework appear rugged and rough. Rubble masonry is divided into three categories: squared rubble masonry, dry rubble masonry, and random rubble masonry. Random stone masonry is the roughest and cheapest type of masonry. It uses stones that are not uniform. These stones of different sizes and shapes form the structure and the gaps are filled with mortar. Squared stone masonry uses stones that have been pounded into a square shape to create fairly uniform stones. Dry rubble masonry uses a variety of stones that fit together and eliminate the need for mortar. For this type of masonry, the height of the walls must not exceed six meters.

Ashlars masonry is another type of masonry. It is more expensive and uses fine-shaped stones. Unlike rubble masonry, all joints, stones, thickness and other aspects are uniform, creating a wall that looks good and remains strong. The joints of Ashlars masonry are tightly sealed together with lime mortar or concrete. This type of masonry is often used in architectural buildings, bridges, pillars, and other massive structures.​

What does a stone mason do?

Stonemasons use brick, concrete blocks, cement, and natural and artificial stone to build bridges, walls, fences, sidewalks, and other stone-like objects. Masons often specialize in one material - for example stone or brick masons.

Stone masons build stone structures such as walls, arches, and piers. They create stone walkways or can fashion tanks, vats, and floors. A mason's primary tools are simply a hammer and chisel, which they use to shape the various stones and join them together to create ornate and masterful structures. Stonemasons usually start with a stone block, which is cut from a larger solid natural stone. Masons take this stone and shape it into precise shapes that create solid structures, sculptures or monuments. The work of a skilled mason can last for hundreds of years. For example, just look at the castles of Europe, or the ancient buildings and aqueducts of Rome.

Stone Construction
Stone Construction